Residential Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaWe wash all residential windows by hand at Under Pressure Cleaning and our customers satisfaction is guaranteed. Residential window cleaning can be a difficult, and potentially dangerous job. Many people are injured each year from ladder falls, and adding in the need to stretch to reach corners increases the chances of a falling accident.

At Under Pressure, we take the hassle and potential danger out of your hands and deliver a spectacular job that will leave you amazed and pleased that you called us.

We are fully licensed and insured, which is key because your contractor should be thinking about protecting the homeowner from any potential hazards.

In doing the job, we start by hand and use soft cloth and squeegees. We clean all large panes with squeegees and use Eco-friendly window cleaning detergent solutions. Later we finish with detailing cloth to eliminate streaks. Small panes and stained glass are cleaned with plain water and special window cleaning cloths.

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail. We take care during the cleaning of windows, to also include the cleaning of screens and wiping clean the sills around the windows.

If paint, glue or other debris have settled on your windows, we have the right equipment and the knowledge to safely remove those debris and give your windows a sparkling shine.

About Under Pressure

Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaAt Under Pressure, we go to extra lengths to make sure that every window around your home or building is cleaned thoroughly. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and treat your home and business like it was our own.

We offer a wide assortment of services that includes roof cleaning, exterior home washing, driveway cleaning as well as gutter cleaning. You can be sure, no matter what job you need taken care of, our team will provide you with the finest in customer care as well as workmanship for every task. We have over 15 years of dedicated service. We bring our skills, experience, training and cutting edge technology into each new job that we undertake.

Your home and business deserve the best, and the best is Under Pressure Cleaning Services. Call us today to set up a free estimate, or go to our contact page on the website. There is a reason so many homeowners use Under Pressure. See for yourself!

We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and serve customers throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

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