Should I Seal My Driveway?

Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaDriveways, whether they are asphalt or concrete should always be sealed to ensure longevity for the drive and to preserve the overall aesthetics of the driveway’s appearance. Typically driveway sealing should be done, where the temperatures reach well over 100 degrees in the summer (similar to the weather we experience in Florida) and where your driveway is unprotected from the constant rays of the sun. It is wise to seal your driveway at least every other year in these situations. Areas which feature more moderate weather, homeowners should consider sealing every three years.

As a rule: Do not seal a new asphalt driveway. This material needs to cure for 6 months before treatment is applied.

When Should I Seal My Concrete Driveway?

As a rule, concrete driveways are more durable than asphalt driveways, and they don’t necessarily need to be sealed as frequently. Considering Florida’s climate and the heat that comes with it, a general rule is that every five years to seal your concrete drive is the right amount. Just as with asphalt, let your eyes be your guide. Cracking, even very slight cracking can signal the beginning of severe problems down the road. Contact us if you are experiencing issues with your driveway and we will do a fair and impartial evaluation to tell you if you are in immediate need of sealing or if the problem is a deeper issue.

What does it cost to have my driveway sealed?

The short answer is that it depends. With driveway sealing, there are enough factors to consider that it is difficult to zero in on a price for every different type of driveway. What we can do is provide you with estimate so that you can then approximate the driveway sealing costs of your particular home and how often you should have it sealed.

Driveway Sealing: Cleaning and Preparing the Driveway

Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FloridaAt Under Pressure Cleaning, our crews are trained and experienced in all manner of driveway sealing, from asphalt, to concrete, and to pavers. We clean and prepare the driveway prior to sealing. Even if you believe the drive to be clean, it is not. Exhaust gas, deposits a light, oily film on your driveway, and that along with tree sap and dirt must be removed. So, we clean the drive immaculately before sealing.

Sealing Your Driveway

At Under Pressure, we use only high-quality sealers which dramatically reduce heat and UV damage. The sealer seeps into the pores of the concrete and prevents breakup damage as a result of water penetration, weather cycles and chemical spills. So, the sealer extends the life of your drive.

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