Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Should I Clean My Driveway?

Florida’s extremely high humidity causes mold, algae and mildew to grow more quickly than anywhere else in the country. Mold and mildew create an unsightly look for your driveway and can also become a health hazard, creating the need for driveway cleaning. Children and pets come in contact with unhealthy mold on the driveway, which can accumulate quickly when left unchecked.

At Under Pressure Cleaning Services, we use the best equipment to get driveway cleaning jobs done, and done right. Frequently, we use Eco-friendly cleaners to kill mold and fungus. As well, we use a variety of cleaners to brighten and enhance your concretes surface.

We are driveway washing experts and have come across almost everything with regards to cleaning driveways. Many times, our customers call us, because the HOA where they live is requiring residents to get the drives and sidewalks cleaned. At Under Pressure, we’ll get that driveway in compliance immediately. We’ll take care of the driveway, the sidewalks and any other areas that need sprucing up and satisfy the HOA.


Our Equipment

We have the top of the line pressure cleaning equipment and our service techs are trained and are excellent at their appointed duties. Working quickly and efficiently to get the job done completely, we use only contractor grade Eco-friendly cleaners and detergents. Our goal is always striving for deep cleaned, uniform surfaces.

Under Pressure Cleaning Services in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

At Under Pressure, we go to extra lengths to make sure that every part of your exterior around your home or building is cleaned thoroughly. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and treat your home and business like it was our own.

We offer a wide assortment of services that includes roof cleaning, exterior home washing, window cleaning as well as gutter cleaning. You can be sure, no matter what job you need taken care of, our team will provide you with the finest in customer care as well as workmanship for every task. We have over 15 years of dedicated service. We bring our skills, experience, training and cutting edge technology into each new job that we undertake.

Your home and business deserve the best, and the best is Under Pressure Cleaning Services. Call us today to set up a free estimate, or go to our contact page on the website. There is a reason so many homeowners use Under Pressure. See for yourself!

We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and serve customers throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties.